How to Advertise

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How to Advertise

Printed Version of Newsletter: If you would like to advertise with the Moore River News, please contact us initially by emailing our advertising section at

As we compile the newsletter the preceding month of issue, we require:

What you get:  all advertisers, including front and back page sponsors, will get a business-card sized advert placed onto our website for 12 months, free of charge, which will also be hyperlinked to your website, if you have one.

Please get in touch with us at for further information; including to find out what month is available for you.


Cost – per issue

Full Front Page (18.7cm x 18.5cm) $250 Internal Advert – quarter page (3.5 x 9.5cm) $40
Half Front Page (9.3cm x 18.5cm) $130

Half Back Page (15.3cm x 18.5cm) $100

Internal Advert – third page (8.6cm x 18.5cm) $50

Internal Advert – half page (12.87 x 18cm) $75

Business Cards (6.03cm x .65cm) $15 Internal Advert – full page (18 x 25.7cm) $100

Packages – per issue

Front Page – Full $250
+ 11 Bus cards $165
Less package discount: $30
Front Page – Half $130
+ 11 Bus cards $165
Less package discount: $15
Back Page – Half
+ 11 Bus cards $165
Less package discount: $15